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My winter of 2013-2014 was marked by the passing of time between Logan and Lawton’s Asheville engagement portrait photography, Lawton’s bridal session (to die for) and their beautiful winter wedding at Grace Episcopal in downtown Asheville.  They moved fast. Engagement, wedding, boom!  I was SO thrilled to be a part of every step and so grateful to have such a gorgeous couple occupy my winter months  :) .  Logan and Lawton came from Charleston for their Asheville wedding, which was planned by the amazing Sara Fields of Wedding Connections.  We met multiple times for a series of fun shoots that I am so excited to share.  Here is the first in the series: Logan and Lawton’s Asheville engagement portraits.  Be sure, fingers were frozen by the end of the day – but spirits were high.  Be sure to return soon for Logan’s bridals!

Bride and groom laugh as they hold each other in grassy field during winter engagement photo shoot in Asheville NC.Bride looks away and smiles as groom looks at camera with grin during photo shoot of their engagement.Bride laughs and groom smiles as they keep each other warm with laughter and hugs while standing in a grassy field during their engagement photo shoot in Asheville NC.Bride wears fur vest while groom wraps arms around her from behind while standing wheat field during engagement photo session.Groom picks up bride and kisses her as she extends her leg with joy during engagement photos in Asheville NC.Bride and groom extend arms and hold hands while playing ring around the roses at their fun filled engagement shoot in Asheville NC.Old Asheville building behind engaged couple as they lean into one another during engagement shoot in Asheville.Groom leans on brick wall while bride holds arm with both hands as they look at each other.Bride and groom hug during engagement photos in Asheville NC.Bride and groom embrace in hug as bride looks into camera and groom looks over her shoulder.Bride and groom kneel and touch foreheads as they gaze into each others eyes during portrait session in Asheville.Couple kisses and hold hands on crisp winter day while nature surrounds them.Bride and groom gaze into each others eyes while locking arms and hands during their Asheville engagement session.Bride smiles at her groom as they hold hands at the engagement photo session in Asheville NC.Bride and groom touch heads as they pose for their engagement photos surrounded by beautiful blue bottles on wine tree in Asheville NC.Groom smiles at bride in corn field while she smiles at the camera during their wedding engagement photo shoot in Asheville NC.Bride looks at fiance and holds arm while posing in corn field during engagement photo session



Angela Stott is a portrait and wedding photographer based in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.  She lives in Asheville, NC where many wonderful opportunities exist to photograph her lovely clients who travel to the Blue Ridge Mountains for their destination weddings.  Angela also has a satellite base in the busy city of Bangkok, Thailand where her photography business holds an unparalleled chance to photograph a very international clientele.  Her work is award-winning and is published nationally and internationally.  Angela delights in photographing the beautiful moments of her many clients’ lives.  She is an enthusiastic photographer of weddings, events, families, reunions, children and other joyous occasions and celebrations.  Angela would love to hear from you about your dreams and wishes for the documentation of your special event, whether it takes place in Asheville, Brevard, Charlotte, Virginia Beach, Bangkok or any other location.  She looks forward to you being in touch!